Para "Halloween": STORY "Wanda, the witch".


Chapter 1:

NARRATOR: Wanda, the witch, is in the wood. She´s going to a party. She hears a sound ( el sonido de un búho..) She looks up, and, in the tree, she sees a brown owl.. 

WANDA: “ Hello!! Who are you??”.OWL: “ I´m an owl.. ( sonidos del búho..) Who are you??”.

WANDA: “I´m Wanda. I´m a witch”.OWL: “A witch??”.WANDA: “Yes, I can do magic. Look!!. ABRACADABRA!! Close your eyes!!.. Owl is green!! SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! 

Chapter 2:

 NARRATOR: And the owl is green.. He´s SAD.. ( y se oye llorar.. )

      OWL: “Oh, no.. not green..”      WANDA: “Oh..not green.. ABRACADABRA!! Close your eyes!! Owl is orange!! SURPRISE!!    SURPRISE!!”.      

      Chapter 3:


       NARRATOR: And the owl is orange. He´s very SAD.. ( y empieza a  llorar..)

       OWL: “Oh, no.. not orange..”     

       WANDA:”Oh.. not orange..”     

       OWL: “ No.. not orange.. Brown, please.. I´m a brown owl.”     

       WANDA: “Ok, don´t be sad. ABRACADABRA!! Close your eyes!! Owl is brown!!SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!!”      

       Chapter 4:


      NARRATOR: And now owl is brown again. He´s HAPPY!!      

      OWL: “Jajaja!! I´m brown, I´m happy now!!”     

      WANDA: “Jijiji!! Come with me to the party!! It´s HALLOWEEN!! Hurry!!”      

      Chapter 5:


      NARRATOR: The party.. ( sonidos y música..)

      WANDA y OWL: ( cantando.. ) “ HALLOWEEN!! HALLOWEEN!! It´s Halloween  tonight!! Jaja!!” 


Marisa Gómez Bermúdez.Dpto. Virtual Escuela Rural.


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